Have a Seat
Discover the hidden gems of Amsterdam and be surprised!

How does it work?

We surprise you with a unique restaurant.

You want to eat somewhere

You want to have a good dinner, but you don't know where, and don't want to spend time searching.

You tell us your wishes

Go to our website and select in which part of town, when, for how much and with how many people you want to eat. If you want, let us know the type of kitchen you prefer and any other requests. We will find the perfect restaurant for you and make a reservation.

You'll receive the address one hour in advance

One hour before your reservation we will send you a message by SMS and e-mail with the address of your unique restaurant. All you have to do is enjoy your surprise.


What do you think of us?

Ilse (23), Bos en Lommer

"I was very happy with the choice of the restaurant. I had never been there before and it fit perfectly to the evening I had in mind. Keep it up!"

Alex (22), Indische Buurt

"I live in the same street as the restaurant that we went to. It never caught my eye, but I'm glad I discovered it now. I will definitely use Have a Seat again!"

Valentijn (22), Centre

"I was happily surprised! Even though the restaurant is close to where I live, and at a great location, I didn't know of it's existence. Thanks for the great evening."

Meet the team

These are the geniuses that help you have a great evening.

Mees de Bie


Krisje Tellers

Marketing and Content

Leon Smits


Have a Seat was created with a mutual passion for eating out. With their entrepreneurial mindsets and shared love of dining out, Mees, Krisje and Leon decided to create a business to make sure that others can really enjoy the hidden gems that Amsterdam has to offer. With their respective backgrounds in psychology, business and information science along with their combined knowledge of the restaurant business, they make the perfect team to provide you with a really great evening.

Have a Seat


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